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a r t i s t a c t o r s i n g e r d a n c e r

I've always known I was born to entertain and I've always had a passion for the arts. Color became my biggest inspiration from the day I was born. With a brush in my hand, the world opened up to me in illimitable ways. As I discovered other ways to express myself, my voice became my constant aide. The voices of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Prince, and Martha Wash molded me into the vocalist I am today. I discovered stage performance when I was cast in my high school production of CABARET, and haven't looked back since! Moving from my Bay Area stomping grounds to the grimy streets of Manhattan has opened my eyes even wider, and I am determined to make a lasting impression in the pavement. I graduated from Manhattan School of Music's Musical Theater undergraduate program in 2023 and have my sights set on the world's stages. Most consistently, you can find me performing as an alto with NYC's Lavender Light Gospel Choir, led by Eric Williamson. Keep an eye out for imminent music releases, casting announcements, and art!

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